Mini American Shepherds Killingworth CT



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Ayers Rock Kennel

Killingworth, Connecticut

  Name: ______________________________________________________________________________  
              Address:_____________________________________________________________________________How long have you lived at this address:____________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________________________________________________

State: Zip Code:________________________________________________________________________

Phone Home, Cell, E-mail:________________________________________________________________

Best time to call AM or PM:______________________________________________________________

Have you ever owned a dog?  Yes /No

Have you ever owned and raised a puppie? Yes / No

Are there other animals in your household?:_________________________________________________

What kind of animals and how many?:______________________________________________________

Will you be able to provide a safe, fenced, outside area for your pup? :____________________________

Do all family members want a puppie? :_____________________________________________________

How many family members in your home? Ages? :___________________________________________

Are there family members with known allergies to dogs? :______________________________________

Would shedding be a concern? Yes / No

Do you have a gender preference Yes / No?

If so please indicate male or female

Do you intend to use a crate for your dog after training is complete?:_____________________________

Describe your lifestyle active, more laid back, sedentary etc.:___________________________________

Will your puppy be alone for extended periods? :_____________________________________________

Name and contact information for your veterinarian (even if you currently have no pets, please list the vet you will using:  ________________________________________________________________


You may mail or email your application for approval. Once approved a non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve your pup.

Mailing Address: Carole B. Pleines 628 Route 148 Killingworth, Ct 06419

The balance is payable in full at the time of puppie selection/allocation at 7 weeks of age after temperament testing has been completed OR at any time after selection is made.

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