Richard Pleines - Gunsmith - CT
Specializing in the Repair and Restoration of Antique, Military and Older Curio & Relic (C & R) Firearms
We Purchase Individual Firearms, Collections, and Estates with an Eye Toward Classic Firearms that are Candidates for Restortation
Buy - Sell - Appraise
Located in Killingworth, Connecticut - By Appointment Only - 860 663-2214



We appraise firearms for insurance and resale purposes. We also purchase individual firearms, collections, and estates with an eye toward classic firearms that are candidates for restoration.

Compliance with Federal and Local Laws
The work performed at Richard Pleines Gunsmithing is done in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws in Connecticut. We are required by law to refuse work or the transfer of firearms to or from anyone suspected of being unable to legally possess them, or that we reasonably believe will use or transfer them illegally.

All records are collected and maintained in compliance with ATF regulations. These regulations require the collection of information about the customer and the firearm being serviced or transferred. Richard Pleines Gunsmithing will not disclose your personal information, including E-mail address or phone number for any purpose other than law enforcement.

Shipping Firearms
Please do not ship any firearms, parts, or accessories without first calling to confirm that Richard Pleines Gunsmithing is willing and able to perform the desired service at an agreed estimated cost.

Long Guns. Richard Pleines Gunsmithing possesses and maintains a class 01 Federal Firearms License (FFL). Thus, from almost all locations in the US it is legal for the owner of a rifle or shotgun to ship it directly to Richard Pleines Gunsmithing, and for us to return it directly to the owner, without the expense of involving another FFL holder. Exceptions are major metropolitan areas such as New York City and Chicago. If you are not sure, please check with local authorities to confirm that direct shipping does not violate a local ordinance. All shipments should be insured and require an adult signature upon delivery.

Pistols. Local ordinances governing the shipping of pistols and revolvers are more common, and for this reason Richard Pleines Gunsmithing will only accept a pistol shipped from another FFL holder.

General Shipping Information. The United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS have defined rules for the shipment of firearms. Richard Pleines Gunsmithing uses FedEx ground or UPS ground unless expedited shipping is needed. It is advisable to take the package to a shipping hub where the staff will be the most knowledgeable and helpful. Claim it as a firearm, insure for it's replacement value, and specify adult signature upon delivery. Pack with plenty of bubble wrap in a sturdy box that has no markings to indicate a firearm is inside. Enclose your contact information and a description of the work to be performed on a Richard Pleines Gunsmithing Repair Form which you can print here. Do keep a record of your serial number and tracking information. Do make sure your firearm is unloaded. Under no circumstances should any fired or unfired ammunition be included in the shipment.

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