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Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Code Lables

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Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Code Labels

Some manufacturers have adopted the voluntary uniform
standards for furniture cleanability developed by an
industry committee. If used, each fabric will be marked
with a code which indicates the appropriate cleaning
method. The code may be printed on fabric samples, on a
label under seat cushions and/or on hand tags. Use as a
guide for spot removal, and for overall cleaning.

W--Use Water-Based Cleaner. Spot clean this fabric
with the foam only of a water-based cleaning agent such
as a mild detergent or commercial upholstery shampoo.
Use sparingly. Avoid overwetting.

S--Use Solvent Cleaner. Spot clean this fabric with a
mild water-free dry-cleaning solvent available in local
stores. Use sparingly in a well-ventilated room with no
sparks or flame in the room.

CAUTION: Use of water-based solvent cleaners may
cause spotting and/or excessive shrinking. Solvent
cleaning agents will not remove water stains.

S-W--Use Water-Based or Solvent Cleaner. Spot clean
this fabric with a dry-cleaning solvent, mild detergent
foam or upholstery shampoo, depending on the stain.

X--Vacuum Only. Clean this fabric only by vacuuming
or light brushing to prevent accumulation of dust and
grime. Water-based foam or solvent-based cleaning agents
of any kind may cause excessive shrinking, fading or

This article was written by Anne Field, Extension
Specialist, Emeritus with references from Wisconsin
Extension bulletin, Care and Cleaning of Upholstered